• Empowering you with objective information to assess pulmonary nodules.

  • Potentially avoiding biopsy or surgery – a reason to smile.

  • Simultaneously measures multiple proteins associated with lung cancer.

Xpresys Lung

Xpresys Lung is a molecular blood test developed to provide non-invasive, objective information for assessment of pulmonary nodules. When combined with current clinical assessment, Xpresys Lung may be able to help reduce unnecessary invasive procedures. By reducing these, our objectives are to improve patient outcomes, reduce complications, and lessen the cost to the healthcare system.

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Xpresys Lung is not affected by age, smoking history, gender, nodule size or nodule location. (1)

1. Li XJ et al, A blood-based proteomic classifier for the molecular characterization of pulmonary nodules. Sci. Transl. Med. 5, 207ra142 (2013).

About Indi

Indi is creating powerful new tools to help physicians diagnose complex diseases with a non-invasive blood test. By measuring multiple biomarkers that serve as sentinels of disease – we are creating tests that help physicians diagnose disease states with greater accuracy.

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